Working in JupyterLab#

JupyterLab is a web-based, interactive environment for programming, which runs on the server on CSC Notebooks and can be accessed through your web browser.

This MOOC relies on JupyterLab for interactive programming using Jupyter Notebooks, which can contain executable code, text, images and video.

We also use the Terminal, which provides a command line interface to the server, to use the TestMyCode tool.


The main view of JupyterLab has two major elements: File Browser (left) and Launcher (right).

The File Browser allows you to explore the files stored on the server, whereas the Launcher can be used to launch applications within JupyterLab.

The initial view in JupyterLab.

You can find the learning materials as Jupyter Notebooks in the directory notebooks.

Use the File Browser to navigate the directory and to open the Jupyter Notebooks.

The video below offers tips on using the learning materials.


Next, you can proceed to retrieve and check the exercises using TestMyCode.