This page contains links to various resources for further study.

CLARIN - European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology

CLARIN is an organisation that hosts and provides diverse language resources and tools, provides training in their use, and organises conferences and workshops. CLARIN also hosts a worldwide course registry for courses in digital humanities.

Introduction to Cultural Analytics & Python

These course materials by Dr. Melanie Walsh provide an introduction to cultural analytics using Python. The topics covered include, for example, collecting data by scraping websites and analysing the results using natural language processing and network analysis.

Introduction to Python for Geographic Data Analysis

This upcoming introductory textbook by Dr. Henrikki Tenkanen, Dr. Vuokko Heikinheimo and Dr. David Whipp introduces Python programming for working with geographical data.

Python for the Digital Humanities, created by Dr. W.J.B. Mattingly, provides a wide range of entry-level tutorial videos for digital humanities, ranging from natural language processing to computer vision.

Hugging Face Course

Hugging Face Transformers is a popular library for various natural language processing tasks. This course provides an introduction to the library, but assumes previous knowledge of Python.

Advanced NLP with spaCy

This course, created by Ines Montani, one of the core developers of spaCy, provides a thorough introduction to the library.